Links to news, radio, and other stories involving The Werc Shop

The Werc Shop’s pesticide study highlighted in The Huffington Post on May 24, 2013.

The Werc Shop Featured on a FRONT PAGE article in The Los Angeles Times on February 12, 2012.

Alter Net – “Are You Smoking Pesticides With Your Pot” by April M. Short on December 2, 2013. Our pesticide inhalation work is highlighted in the context of our Humboldt State University Institute for Integrative Marijuana Research presentation.

Cannabis Now – “The Most Expensive Strain in The World” by Angela Bacca on November 5, 2013. Our terpene profiling efforts are renowned for their identification utility in determining a misnamed strain that is over-priced.

High Times – “Talking Terpenes” by Martin Lee on April 8, 2013. The importance of terpene testing and how it can be used to identify different strains, or cannabis chemotypes, is detailed and discussed in this very well written and informative article.

The 420 Times – “Where’s Jack Herer” by Joe Klare on January 24, 2013. An engaging article describing how multiple strains named “Jack Herer” were acquired from different dispensaries and terpene profiling was used to determine almost 30% of them were misnamed.

Bakersfield Now – “Attorney proposes strict City ordinance on pot dispensaries” by Jose Gaspar on March 20, 2013. New regulations in the form of a City ordinance for Bakersfield were proposed by attorney Phil Ganong, and Dr. Jeffrey C. Raber provided comments to the City council in support of regulations that included mandatory testing of medical cannabis products.

SB Wire – “CVault Container Sales Skyrocket Due to Cannabis Legalization. Study Shows 0 THC Loss in 6 Months” by Waseem Dar on June 4, 2013. Announcement of The Werc Shop’s stability study, conducted over more than 160 days, with the CVault storage system that uses Boveda humidity packs.

East Bay Express – “What The Funk? Terpenes Take Off in Labs, Drug Companies and Dispensaries” by David Downs of the East Bay Express on January 24, 2012. Dr. Raber was interviewed to find out more about the recent emergence in terpenes and how The Werc Shop was the innovative first lab to deploy screening for them on a broad scale looking for over 35 different terpenes.

East Bay Express – “Turning Pot into Medicine” by David Downs of the East Bay Express on June 20, 2012. Dr. Raber was asked to comment on how recent Federal crackdowns on medical dispensaries in California may impact patients who seek tested medication.

OC Register – “Anaheim’s Kush Expo Melds Marijuana, Science, Fishnets” by Eric Carpenter on July 22, 2012. Dr. Raber was interviewed at the Kush Expo for some scientific perspective and thoughts on the show.

Australian TV Nightly News – “Ganja Smoking Grandparents” – The Werc Shop testing and labeling is highlighted in interviews with patients in Laguna Woods, CA.

Counterpunch – Counterpunch article published Mar 31, 2011 titled: “Can “Pot Doc” be a Valid Specialty”  by Fred Gardner.  Dr. Raber ‘s presentation to the Society of Cannabis Clinicians is highlighted in the article.

Dr. Raber Interviewed – Cannabis Search article published April 28, 2010 titled: “Jeff Raber Werc Shop Interview” by VallyGirl. Dr. Raber answers a number of inquisitive questions about The Werc Shop and its function.

Eastbay Express – Eastbay Express article published Feb 18. 2011 titled: “So, Who is Testing the Weed Testers” by David Downs.  Dr. Raber is quoted a few times regarding the state of regulation and laboratory operation in the cannabis industry.

The Orange County Register – OC Register article published Jan 22, 2011 titled: “Conference markets medical marijuana to seniors” by Brittany Levine. The article covered Apothecary Genetics and OC NORML’s CBD Conference that took place in Laguna Woods, CA on January 22, 2011 that The Werc Shop proudly gave a presentation at.
Be sure to check out the pictures to see our label.

Sarah D Magazine – “The Werc Shop Exclusive Tour ~ The Wave of Medical Cannabis Future” by Sarah Diesel.
This article is from the first exclusive tour of The Werc Shop laboratory.

The 420 Times – The 420 Times article from Larry Lechuga posted online September 21, 2010 titled “A Joint Effort” – Where Government Has Failed, Labs, Dispensaries and Growers Blaze a Trail for Potency Data and Safer Meds.

LA Talk Live – The Marijualogist (Open Forum – A Follow-up With Bret Bogue of Apothecary Genetics May 8, 2010)

County Native’s Work Going To Pot – Lebanon Daily News article dated July 2, 2010