Medicine Is More than just THC

We’re sure you’ve heard there are other cannabinoids present in cannabis than just THC. You quite possibly may have heard of Cannabidiol (CBD) and a few others (CBG, CBC, etc.). What you may be less aware of is terpenes. Terpenes are the volatile chemicals that help create the smell and taste of specific strains. We pioneered testing for about 35 of these in cannabis and what we’ve been able to understand so far has been nothing short of amazing!! We’re extremely excited about what this information will offer patients as we can now identify strain names and determine if the name is being switched or changed! That also means patients can always find the medicine they want as long as it is tested this way!

Very quickly we learned that there was more to each strain than just a single THC value, so we began to look harder and think about how can we inform patients further and better about their medicine. You can understand more than THC is making an impact when you compare 2-3 different strains that have been tested to have the same THC value, yet each of them makes you feel completely different! Like others with unique insight, we felt the terpenes have been playing a major role in this unique feel aspects between different strains. Now that we are testing for these, we’ve begun to see the incredible variability within each strain – and it is shown in their terpene profile!

Terpene testing is offering us a way to fingerprint each strain. Through this fingerprint we can get an idea of many different aspects about each strain and what types of effects it may provide to the patient. Since we’ve just started capturing this information we do not yet have the ability to predict how each patient may feel when they ingest a particular strain, but we are hard at werc on that one we can assure you!

What we have learned is terpenes make a huge difference in patient response! Just yesterday we participated in the Spring Gathering Cannabis Classis ( Out of the 9 entries we tested, 7 of them we fairly similar in their terpene profile, and most had THC values in the low-mid 20% range. With all the THC values being so close together, the terpenes were the major difference between each strain. When the voting had completed (which was done before our results were released) we were quite surprised! One of the strains, which did NOT have the highest THC value, had a unique terpene profile compared to the others and it was crowned the winner! We do not know how many people voted, nor how it was all conducted, but it leads us to believe the terpenes hold the keys to finding out which strain is right for each patient!!

Contact us today to find out how we can fingerprint your strains and inspect them for their terpene profile! More information about your medicine is far better to find out which one is right for you and your medical needs!