Responsible product forms require intelligent design from the very beginning. With a unique insight into natural products, ethnopharmacology and human physiological function we offer a sustainable and economically friendly purview towards your product inputs. We like to keep things simple, develop minimalistic products with as few functional inputs as necessary, and derive all components and processes to be economically and environmentally responsible. The adage of garbage in means garbage out could not be more aptly applied than in the case of a new product formulation.

We have developed a number of new formulation packages for oral products, skin care products and mechanical products that offered our clients a unique place in their market. We specialize in creating formulations that are efficiently and effectively scalable that can be coupled to processes delivering complete streamlined product production. Our youthful exuberance, younger middle-aged foundations allow us to have been able to interface with technology and the computer revolution in a unique fashion. We’re comfortable with processes and perspectives that others may not understand, ever consider or be able to conceive. Problem solving is critical to success when new products with unique challenges are presented, and we love a complicated and sophisticated problem to solve!