We have a firm understanding that bringing a new product to market begins with a little R(esearch) and a lot of D(evelopment)! We realize that today’s current economic climate has led to interest in off-shoring of research and development services. However, we believe this doesn’t have to be the case as out-sourcing to local, intelligent and unique scientists can be more efficient, faster and overall more successful in the long term for your new product idea. Our combination of business development with scientific development helps us to derive specialized research plans to help you move to market quickly. Our creative service arrangements allow for motivated projects that share mutual rewards using a means of helping start-ups and young companies to launch successful products cost effectively. For us, it is all about the right project, with the right people at the right price. Our open and collaborative nature lends to being easy and friendly to work with. We’ve had long-standing clients for almost 3 years using routine testing assays we specially developed for their needs, and we’ve had very small product creators ask for complete development of their production line and product formulation.

Our wide range of experience includes analytical chemistry, synthetic chemistry, process chemistry, phytochemistry, metabolomics, regulatory science and intellectual property portfolio development and management. Many years of product development, technology transfer and novel research are our foundation upon which creative and elegant solutions are derived. Whether it be creating new marketing content for education about your product, to novel analytical methods for the detection of carcinogen formation in your product, we can support the scientific effort behind the project.

No product in today’s world is free of regulatory purview, and a key strength on our team is the understanding, insight and education in our current regulatory system. Many complicated laws involving the FDA, FTC, EPA, departments of Health and other state agencies are required to be understood to introduce a product to market. Our background and experience in diverse product regulations, medical and legalized cannabis legislation and botanical and pharmaceutical labeling standards helps us offer a holistic approach to your product research and development needs.