The Werc Shop recognizes the importance of clean effective cannabis medications and seeks to enable our collaborators to provide accurate information and product quality assurance to all of their patients. Our dedicated team of Ph.D. scientists created the Certified Cannabaceuticals™ program to help ensure quality and safety of medical cannabis products. Our services are designed to improve the quality of information for everyone involved. We believe the field of medical cannabis is only at its infancy and has already received a tremendous amount of interest from numerous patients with a broad spectrum of ailments. In order for patient care to advance we felt the industry needed to improve the quality, quantity, and accuracy of information on the diverse array of products currently available in California’s medicinal cannabis market. We believe our initial efforts with medicinal cannabis will greatly support our broader sustainable chemistry based research and development goals for applications in other markets as we strive to create jobs in our local communities and improve everyone’s sustainable future.


In our early planning phases we had numerous discussions with patients and doctors who told us we could greatly benefit medical cannabis patients with our efforts. We recognized a unique opportunity existed to build an organization that could work to improve our local community and greater society while encouraging and helping others do the same. Our efforts are aimed at delivering products and services that present great benefits for everyone’s health and general well being. Better understanding of plant metabolites will improve our fundamental knowledge base of our most valuable sustainable resource, plants. Better information leads to more effective and efficient use of this resource, allowing both patients and doctors to improve their quality of care. Healthy people work harder in a more positive manner improving productivity and output.

In these economically trying times amidst global environmental concerns we feel we owe it to ourselves and our future populations to take a good, hard, detail oriented look at any and all environmentally friendly sustainable solutions. We have been encouraged by recent discussions relating to the cultivation of hemp. We are inspired by our country’s past and current great leaders and founding fathers, as well as by stories such as those about Paclitaxel, a modern cancer treatment found in the Pacific yew tree, Taxus brevifolia, and ultimately commercially produced through modern synthetic techniques used to preserve the endangered existing Pacific yew trees.

We feel fortunate to be living in this marvelous age of science, information and technology and intend to use all of the greatest tools available at our disposal, or seek to invent the new ones we’ll need, to continue our societal evolution. We cannot solve today’s problems with yesterday’s thinking and can only build a better tomorrow by utilizing the best of what is available today. We are aiming to be a recognized leader in our more sustainable, healthier and happier future where everyone will werc together peacefully in an effort to continually make our world a better place.