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Profile - Capture Whole-Plant Profile

Every cannabis plant has a unique terpene profile, similar to a human fingerprint. Unfortunately, extraction can decimate this delicate terpene profile thus changing the distinguishing taste, aroma, and effects of a cultivar. Our technology captures high-resolution terpene fingerprint data prior to extraction. We then share this knowledge with licensed cannabis producers and brand creators to reinvigorate standardized concentrates and vape products with cultivar-specific ratios of terpenes that capture the distinctive characteristics of each cultivar.

We build upon the terpene profiling process to enable another level of customization. We are not limited to strictly replicating a specific terpene profile found in your cultivar, but can also build upon them allowing you to breed ex botanico. This allows us to enhance specific characteristics of a terpene profile or add a layer of additional aromas, flavors, and effects. This puts the power of formulation in your hands and allows absolute consistency batch after batch.

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