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Welcome to The Werc Shop, your ultimate destination for cannabis formulation and terpene expertise. Our team of dedicated scientists, researchers, and industry veterans are committed to pushing the boundaries of cannabis innovation. With a deep understanding of terpenes and their synergistic effects, we create unique formulations that elevate the cannabis experience to new heights. Whether you’re looking to enhance the aroma, flavor, or therapeutic potential of your cannabis products, The Werc Shop has the expertise and innovation to deliver unmatched results.

Leading the Cannabis Formulation Industry: The Werc Shop's Innovation

The Werc Shop provides an unmatched product development team & private labeling branding platform.




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Unleash the Power of Terpenes: The Werc Shop's Expertise

We create non-cannabis terpene flavor products to meet our partners’ dynamic preferences. We assist licensed cannabis manufacturers in the formulation of a range of high-demand products including concentrates, vapor cartridges, edibles, drinks, tablets, and sublinguals.

The Werc Shop Home

Elevate Your Cannabis Products: The Werc Shop's Cutting-Edge Approach

The Werc Shop Home  The Werc Shop is dedicated to assisting licensed cannabis businesses innovate and produce high-quality cannabis products that entrepreneurs can depend on and trust. Our Ph.D.’s and scientists have over 100 years of combined experience studying cannabis and formulating products. With our long history of expertise, we have developed proprietary processes that allow us to create some of the best non-cannabis terpene flavor products on the market.

The Werc Shop® was founded by Dr. Raber in 2010 and initially established itself as an independent testing laboratory in Southern California. Today, The Werc Shop supports independent flavoring, chemistry, and non-cannabis affiliated laboratories via consultation services. In 2014, we saw an obvious need to help standardize medical cannabis products and expanded our service offering to include private label branding services. This experience provides a unique perspective and knowledge base upon which today we offer the most sophisticated scientific backend now powering a network of operators and branding organizations.

The Werc Shop Home

Dr. Jeffrey Raber, Ph.D.

Dr. Raber earned his Ph.D. in chemistry in 2002 from USC where he was a Harold and Lillian Moulton Fellow. He holds multiple patents, has published several peer-reviewed articles, and is widely considered a leading expert on the chemistry of cannabis.