Your Scientific Support Team

We have the technical background and experience to support your facility efforts efficiently and cost effectively.

  • License application support
  • Conceptual facility layout
  • Review of existing operations
  • Workflow optimization
  • Code compliance assessment
  • Due diligence review for investors
  • Implementation of new processes
  • Equipment selection and installation

Seasoned Scientific Professionals

  • PhDs, Masters, and Professional Engineers
  • Chemistry, natural products and regulatory science

Proven Scientific Leaders Since 2010

  • Sought by lawmakers, regulators, and the press for our technical expertise and scientific understanding.
  • Published 6 scientific cannabis papers
  • 18 issued patents covering methods, formulations, and dosing technologies

Multiple Years of US Cannabis Experience

  • Processed millions of grams of distillate
  • Tested tens of thousands of analytical samples
  • Projects delivered in CA, CO, OR, WA, PA, OH, MD, FL and MA
The Werc Shop Facility Development

Depending on the project’s scope, we work with the owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and local agencies to ensure that the design and construction meet and exceed the operation’s requirements. We provide the necessary technical engineering support from design through construction to meet the project’s quality and timeline expectations. Our personnel have been certified through OSHA’s Construction and General Industry training course, enabling us to offer a detailed view into the operational requirements to meet today’s safety and health standards.


The Werc Shop Facility Development
Customized Formulations Based on Cultivar Profiles

Patented, award-winning, Terpene technology is used to differentiate your product’s taste and physiological feel.

Wide Range of Product Forms

Distillate, shatters, diamonds, live resin, sauce, vapes, tinctures, tablets, mints, edibles, topicals and infused pre-rolls.

The Werc Shop Facility Development

Our Solventless Cannabis Coating Technology

Our Patented Process Places Cannabinoids Onto Solids

• Fast and scalable solvent-free mixing process

• Broadly applicable to numerous solids

• Creates homogeneous outputs

• Produces smooth and even burning infused pre-roll product

• Efficiently creates a standardized product output


Helping You Produce:

• World-Class  Products

• Potent & Flavorful Infused Pre-Rolls

• Unique Concentrates

• Novel tablets and infused edible products

The Werc Shop Facility Development
The Werc Shop Facility Development