Create With Us

Built on a foundation of scientists, The Werc Shop has a legacy of invention and innovation.

We are dedicated to unlocking new ways for consumers to benefit from cannabis and in the process, our chemists have been granted patents related to:

Creating terpene-based products
Mixing and dispensing chemical products
Developing hardware for cannabis products
Purifying plant extractions without the use of solvents

Our commitment to always finding a better way has led to many exciting breakthroughs — in process, procedure, and quality.  We’ve turned a promising concept into a reality many times, and we can do it for you too. 

If you have an idea for a new product or a way to make an existing product better but lack the facilities, equipment or know-how to develop it, we can help.  Over the years, we’ve helped licensed cannabis businesses create vapor cartridges, concentrates, flavors, creams, pills, tinctures, drink mixes, and more.  Our experience launching new solutions, complying with regulatory requirements in different states, and standardizing products streamlines and expedites the process. 

Whether you want to create a game-changing infused tincture, inhalable oil, a cream, or something no-one has even heard of yet, we have the ability to help develop it and we’d love to hear from you.